I have every sympathy with her. I had my BMW nicked a few years ago too. Her BMW was a gift from her dad, worth £17,000…. is that all!  I was a little surprised to read that snippet.  I always imagine the ‘royals’ to have the best of everything. No doubt hers will be found or replaced. I can’t imagine she’ll be left without wheels for long.I was less surprised that she left the keys in the ignition while she popped out to do a little shopping!

My BMW was stolen by 3 16 yr old  joy riders! Well their joy didn’t last for long as they foolishly parked the car in a rather grotty area in Bristol which raised the suspicions of a local policeman on the beat., to whom I was more than grateful.  The 3 young men in question left a camera inside the car with pictures of them posing across the bonnet … nabbed! Unfortunately the law prevented a prosecution because of their tender age … like they didn’t know that stealing was against the law!  I stayed mad about that for some time after.