According to ‘Sheila’s Wheels’  who are now ‘experts’ in this matter some Brits only change their bed sheets three times a year.  London Brits wash their sheets on average once per month and are the worst offenders at 25% with the North East coming a close second at 22%. Ukkkk!

apparently there are anything from between 100,000 to 10 million mites in bed feasting on our dead skin, sweat, hair and the bacteria, not to mention …crumbs. A haven for bed bugs.

It seems incredible given that here in the UK we all have access to washing machines and cheap bed linen that people chose to sleep in dirty sheets.  I’m not sure if I believe it and what does it imply anyway? Are these 25%  mostly made up of teenagers?… that I could understand!

Statistics published in 2006 estimate that of London’s 7.5 million inhabitants only half are British. So does the poll truly represent ‘Brit’s’ ?