Isn’t technology a wonderful thing. There’s much talk about the ‘big brother’ effect that camera’s and satellite’s bring with them but thank god for it. All there to help catch criminals and we can certainly add Ahmadinejad to that list.

Friday the 11th February 2010 was the 31st anniversary of the ayatollah Khomeini’s return from exile… really is that something to celebrate? More like one of the saddest days in Iran’s history.  This year there was much speculation and anticipation about what would happen in Iran following the self election of Ahmadinejad in the elections last June and we were all lead to expect the downfall of the despotic regime and the much awaited triumph of the Green Movement. Alas it didn’t happen and instead the images and footage pouring out of Iran were those of pro IRI supporters in their thousands…. what a shock as we were all expecting something very different. It’s said that Ahmadinejad lured people into the streets with promises of food and refreshments! Are Iranians so fickle ? …. well yes, sadly I hate to admit it  but it seems so many of them are and we only have to look at history to find evidence to support the fickleness of the  average man on the Iranian street.

The opposition movement is  becoming less and less evident.  The leaderless and fragmented Opposition, united only in their desire to rid Iran of the 31 year reign of clerical tyranny  appear to  have reached an impasse. The demonstrations have dwindled to almost none and if last Thursday was anything to go by, Ahmadinejad and his crew of motley men are winning the hearts, minds and bellies of the Iranian people.

Everyone’s confused about what’s going to happen next in Iran whether you’re on the inside (and those on the inside have less access to the truth of what’s really going on) or  in  diaspora. Iran has successfully achieved a media no-go zone and censors state coverage to suit it’s own ends.  Information coming out of Iran relies on YouTube, tweets and face book which represents only a select view point. Nobody knows for sure what the majority  of Iranians want although my personal belief is they do want change but are too disorganized to achieve it.

I’m guessing nothing much is going to change. My only hope is that Iranians won’t allow another 30 odd years drift by before they realise the moment they are waiting for is now.