I am left wondering what was going on for Alexander McQueen after the death of his mum. I’ve never lost a parent and I imagine it must be a terrible experience, I just don’t want to think about how devastating it must be. However killing ones self is an extreme response to something that is after all the natural order of life. Ohhhh.. I’m not with out sympathy… far from it BUT I’m surprised that Alexander McQueen took such a drastic step and ended his life and can’t help but wonder where his friends were ….his family were obviously trying to cope with the loss of their mother, if he was unstable before the loss of his mum and why some one with so much to live for killed himself?

Alexander had everything it seemed… a  successful career, fame, fortune and good health as far as I’m aware. Clearly something wasn’t right though. I wonder if his ‘twitters’ were a cry for help and I wonder if despite all his fame and success  the why the people around him didn’t recognise just how low he was feeling.

I come to the conclusion that he must have been a fragile person under the ‘designer’  label he donned  and that in the end there was no one who he felt able to reach out to.  I’m assuming much….  I know its only my take on the situ but I’m guessing he was a lonely  and troubled guy. How truly sad. And when it boils down to it, no amount of success, fame or fortune guarantees happiness in this life.

I am reminded again that though I’m relatively penniless, don’t have a promising let alone successful career and  I’m definitely not famous  that I am indeed lucky to have my friends and family to turn to when I’m in trouble, no matter how bad it gets. And that’s the point, in the end we have to reach out to those close to us and this is something Alexander wasn’t able to do.

I have the greatest sympathy for the McQueen family who are probably really struggling with Alexander’s death as well as their mothers and I hope they find some peace of mind.