YES THE NHS SUCKS …. I used to work for them so I know just how it’s run from the inside. It doesn’t take an Archbishop to tell us just how bad it really is. Having said that, I’m pleased that at last someone from a more ‘elevated ‘ position OTHER than the mere ‘users’ of the service is speaking out about it, although Im not in any way confident that it will make a scrap of difference. The system is a law unto itself now and in my opinion lost all it’s ‘caring’ and humanity some years ago. Is it too late to get some ‘caring’ back I wonder?

The Govt tells us it’s expensive to run, over used  and  under funded and that is their blanket excuse for all the problems that the NHS has become.  How can it be over used? Was it a service only intended for a few rather than everyone? Not according to the NHS who state that ‘The NHS was born out of a long-held ideal that good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth. That principle remains at its core’ .

And as for under funded ‘HUH’ is all I can say! The NHS has a huge budget.! Over a hundred billion £’s  which according to the NHS website,  of which 60%  goes in staff pay. Ahah so maybe that’s the problem.  And yet the NHS staff are not exactly well paid, have little job security and poor working conditions.. and almost no support within the structure and that I know for a fact.  As an ex member of the NHS staff I can say that most of my peer colleagues worked unrecognised and un payed hours in excess of their contracts.

You might wonder why I’m an ‘ex’ member of staff  and if I have an axe to grind …. well yes I have and it’s a long story. I’d like to tell you a happy  tale  and that I found my true vocation in life or I won the lottery and didn’t need a job but suffice it to say that the NHS didn’t do much for me when I was ill. In fact I was ‘dumped’ when I was ‘ill’ of course they use a much more ‘pc’ term for it I think the word was ‘ incapable’ ,  ahhh yes ……I was too ILL and  therefore unable to do my demanding job that significantly contributed to my illness. Thats the NHS I became only too familiar with. When I’m better I might take that on….. that’s another story though.Am I bitter? I have to say the injustice of it still smarts but I see it as a new oppertunity, for what Im not sure yet.  Still working on that.

From an ex inside perspective the problem with the NHS is it concentrates too much on meeting targets and fails to get on with its job. ‘Target’ setting puts too much pressure on staff … it goes top down and eventually lands in the laps of the ground level staff who are the most valuable asset the NHS has.  The NHS  has a unique ability to create jobs which are intended to promote efficiency but in reality cause more problems than they are worth.

I suspect  things will only go from bad to worse and it’s the NHS service users who will suffer. closely followed by the ground level staff.   There is no solution to the problems with the NHS and no matter what the Govt does or says it will do, the NHS is  a sham of a service run by a network of  buddies,  ‘if your face fits’ run service that will carry on regardless.