Simon Cowell has swung it again promoting REM’s ‘Everybody Hurts’ as the charity song for Haiti.  He’s a man with the ‘midas’ touch. Lucky for him and hopefully good for the people of Haiti. We can’t knock it, anything that helps Haiti has got to be a good thing.

21 artists including Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis, Mariah Carey, Robbie Williams, Jon Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart, Kylie Minogue, Take That, Joe McElderry, JLS, Mika, Cheryl Cole, Michael Buble, James Blunt, Susan Boyle, Westlife, and James Morrison have got together and produced their version of the song and I must say it sounds pretty good! All set to moving scenes among the devastation that is now Haiti. Nice one Simon, Im sure it’s going to be a hit already and everyone can get involved and do something for Haiti.

The song seems to have developed an association with suicide and the BBC ask why ? It could have something to do with the lyrics don’t you think! And that it was  first released around the time of the Dunblane shootings.