In June last year Mr Ahmadinejad rigged the presidential election results in his favour blatantly ignoring the true wishes of the Iranian people. The aftermath of this injustice continues to be seen today some 8 months after. With the aid of modern technology  and thanks to the brave young Iranians who risk their very  lives in their struggle to get the footage out of a heavily censored Iran, the whole world has been a second-hand  eyewitness  to  countless examples of the  ruthless and heavy-handed response of this self-elected self nominated  ‘president’  to his opposition.

Ahmadinejad and  his equally crooked posse of bandits have so far been successful in maintaining their position as leaders in Iran ….. despite their unpopularity both inside and outside Iran, despite their flagrantly uncivilised, inhumane and excessive kickback  in response to the people’s opposition, despite their lying and game playing  over their nuclear  programme  and we have to wonder HOW they get away with it?  How do they get away with torture, rape and murder in 2010. How do they manage to consistently inveigle world leaders and get away with what are clearly time buying strategies. How does Ahmadinejad and the masterminds behind the puppet hold the world to ransom? I keep waiting for some response from Western leaders or some plan to be revealed but …. I fear I wait in vain and it’s pointless and disappointing to keep waiting. And I’ve given up hope now that the UN will take action and make a stance against all the atrocities against Human Rights.

I can’t help but feel that the western world leaders  really does not really know just who they are dealing with. That these characters are psychopathic in nature is recognised even by the ordinary man on any street in the world and goes without saying. However it seems as if the world is taking it all in its stride and that some how the people of Iran will just have to put up or sort it out themselves. How they achieve that is another question?

One of the biggest problems with the opposition movement is it’s distinct lack of leadership. Clearly none of the current ‘opposition’ leaders are up to the job. If they were, they would have succeeded to cast Ahmadinejad and his motley crew out by now.  Too late …. their moment is gone and past and it’s unlikely that another opportunity will avail its self for them. A fresh new leader is called for now but is there any one big and brave enough to take this role on? If we think about it logically Iran has only  a few choices left …..either carry on winning a few battles, with much loss of life and countless acts of cruelty by the barbaric regime  in repsonse and accept that alone it will not win the war: the people are unlikely to  overthrow this dark and deadly regime OR to accept it needs help from the West. Yes …. I think it is the only solution now.

I have one personal hot favourite for the leadership role.  He would have the backing of  Western leaders Im confident in that, he makes good sense and has the best interests of the people at heart and what a heart it is that has found forgiveness for the events of 31 years ago when his late father was rejected by the people and thrown into exile.  Reza Pahlavi has all the qualities needed to make a great leader of Iran….  if only the people  would stop, put aside their preconceived ideas  and  think about it for a moment.