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On the case of Polanski

The case of Roman Polanski arrested and charged 33 yrs ago for sexual abuse of a 13 yr old still remains unresolved…. how come?  What he did is and always will be rape and child abuse and nothing less no matter how it’s been redressed and repackaged by his defence team and excused by his fans.  No matter what spin  is placed on it, Polanski  is a self-confessed paedophile.  To call it by any other name is an offence in its self.  ‘Statutary rape’  implies something else, it’s a term which somehow diminishes the offence . Since when did sodomising and raping a child become less than it actually is. It’s scandalous that Polanski has thus far played International legal process and has been able to live a  successful life which would not have been possible for him had he not had the advantages of his career.  Imagine for one moment that he was not a world famous producer and just a  teacher, or a bus driver!  There is no defence for his behaviour and that he has a sad history is of no significance and has no bearing on how he should be dealt with. At 44 yrs old ( his age at the time ) he fully understood that getting a child drunk and giving her sedatives before raping her was illegal as well as  immoral.

I don’t want to hear about the ridiculously named  ‘witch hunt’ of Polanski, something the mastermind created himself by running away from his crime … its irrelevant. Calling the  persual of Polanski a ‘witch hunt’  implies that he has been unjustly harassed or persecuted. Since when was the persecution of a paedophile unjustified ? And equally I don’t want the current views of the victim herself, who for some reason wants the charges against Polanski dropped, to be taken into account . She is still every much his victim now as she was then.

This man has dodged the system for 33 yrs and it’s time he was brought to justice. He has cleverly  outwitted and manipulated international legal systems and these should also be brought into account. If I get a parking ticket and fail to pay the penalty, it accrues. Why should Polanski be dealt with differently?  If Polanski  and Geimmer want closure then the only way is for Polanski to do the right thing before he kicks the bucket. He owes Geimmer that much at least.

The thought that Polanski is sitting in his chalet in Switzerland believing he is above and beyond the law makes me feel sick.


Simon Cowell has swung it again promoting REM’s ‘Everybody Hurts’ as the charity song for Haiti.  He’s a man with the ‘midas’ touch. Lucky for him and hopefully good for the people of Haiti. We can’t knock it, anything that helps Haiti has got to be a good thing.

21 artists including Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis, Mariah Carey, Robbie Williams, Jon Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart, Kylie Minogue, Take That, Joe McElderry, JLS, Mika, Cheryl Cole, Michael Buble, James Blunt, Susan Boyle, Westlife, and James Morrison have got together and produced their version of the song and I must say it sounds pretty good! All set to moving scenes among the devastation that is now Haiti. Nice one Simon, Im sure it’s going to be a hit already and everyone can get involved and do something for Haiti.

The song seems to have developed an association with suicide and the BBC ask why ? It could have something to do with the lyrics don’t you think! And that it was  first released around the time of the Dunblane shootings.

The Middle East has some of the best news stories!

Saudi Arabia have just launched a ‘ Beauty Pageant’ with a difference. The 200 girl strong contestant line up will be judged on their ‘respect and devotion’ to their parents rather than their looks. The agenda is more about promoting Islam and focuses on how a good muslim girl should behave…. obviously there are parental concerns about the demise of good muslim girls in Saudi these days. And apparently this the contest’s 2nd year… it’s a wonder it made it two years in a row.  Somehow I can’t see the idea catching on any where else. I dont think  the Ambassador to Dubai who recently had his marriage to a whiskery bride annulled will be such a keen supporter of the contest !

There’s much talk about whether or not the partial outlawing of the veil in France is justified or not …. well Im not going to blog about that, it’s been done and it’s old news. However this caught my beady eye in the news today ‘ Ambassador of Dubai’s marriage to a bearded lady is anulled’.

It’s truly ‘a mans world’ when he advocates the wearing of the veil and then is legally allowed to anull his marriage because he didn’t like what he got!  I can’t help but think serves him right and what an irony! The poor bride must be feeling pretty rejected although no one will recognise her anyway and how come she didn’t go to a beauty salon before her wedding? All sounds pretty illogical if you ask me….. after all it’s claimed she’s an educated woman, a physician no less and yet she didn’t de fuzz.  It leaves me to assume she actually didn’t want this marriage in the first place…..I would hazard a bet that the disappointed groom is balding, fat and certainly no Adonis himself .